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Join the Guild? – What’s in it for me?

If you carry a mace and take part in civic or university processions and ceremonial events then this is the Guild for you. Our members have a wealth of experience of these matters including who should be in a procession, what order they should be in and how they should be marshaled and announced.  At less formal occasions the rules of protocol can be just as tricky. Should the Mayor wear his chain at a funeral? Can the Mayoress attend events in his stead? Does the Chancellor always enter last? Who should sit on the host’s right at dinner? All these questions and many more are in the domain of the mace-bearer and the Guild of Mace-bearers is where you can get real answers from experienced colleagues.

As a member you will receive a copy of the Manual of the Mace – A pocket sized book which is a complete road map to success for any new mace-bearer including sections on correct forms of address, (do you know how to announce the Lord Lieutenant?)  modes of dress (what should you advise the Mayor to wear for a royal garden party) and suggested formats for all kinds of civic visits (what should you advise your Chairman to do at a local football match?). Members also receive the annual Guild review magazine containing useful letters, stories and pictures, get regular training opportunities, access to the on-line message board and Facebook group and a wealth of information in the Members-only area of the Guild website.

Memberships are valid for 12 months from joining and you will receive a renewal invoice by email every year.

Membership Categories

Full Member

All professional full time and part time Mace-Bearers regardless of the title of the position. This may include Sword-Bearers, Mayor’s Officers, Serjeants at Arms, Civic Attendants, Provost’s Officers, Council Officers, Civic and Chairman’s Officers, and their Deputies.

Membership entitles receipt of a certificate of membership, access to the Members-only area of the guild website, copies of “The Mace Bearer” magazine as periodically published, a copy of “The Manual of the Mace” attendance at Guild training days (subject to payment of any fees levied) and attendance and voting rights at Guild Meetings. Members may be elected to any position on the Guild Council.

Annual Subscription £35  (Current renewals reduced to £10 per year)

To apply to join as a FULL MEMBER please click here.

 Honorary Member

Full members who have retired or otherwise ceased to be Mace-Bearers but wish to retain their membership.

Membership entitles access to the Members-only area of the guild website, receipt of “The Mace Bearer” magazine, attendance at Guild training days (subject to the payment of any fees levied) and attendance at Guild meetings. Honorary Members may be elected to any position on the Guild Council.

Annual Subscription £6.00.

To apply to change your subscription from a Full Member to an HONORARY MEMBER please click here.

Friend of the Guild of Mace-Bearers

Membership as a Friend of the Guild is open to anyone. Friends will receive a Mace Badge and a copy of “The Macebearer” magazine on publication. Friends can attend meetings, conferences or training events on payment of the appropriate fee and may attend the AGM but do not hold voting rights at any meeting and may not hold a position on the Guild Council. Friends do not have access to the Members-only area of the guild website.

Membership as a Friend of the Guild is available at an initial cost of £12 to include a badge and magazine. Renewal will be £6 per year thereafter.

To apply to become a FRIEND OF THE GUILD please click here.

Overseas (Non-UK) Membership

If you live outside the UK you are welcome to join as either a Full Member or as a Friend of the Guild. Please bear in mind that our advice, whether printed in our publications or given verbally, is based on UK protocols and experience but we would welcome the opportunity to extend our knowledge base in other countries.

As of 24th May 2024 the Guild had 199 members:

  • 154 Full Members (including 4 Masters of the Guild)
  • 26 Honorary Members  (including 3 Masters of the Guild)
  • 16 Friends of the Guild
  • 3 Freemen of the Guild

They are located regionally:

  • 7 Scotland
  • 47 North & North Wales/Northern Ireland
  • 69 South West & South Wales
  • 76 South East

To see which counties fall in each area please see the Guild Area Map.