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What is a Mace Bearer?

Literally a person who bears (carries) a mace.

What is a mace?

A ceremonial item, usually made of silver, often gilded (coated) in gold which is carried before a Mayor to represent their authority as delegated from the crown.

Can any city or town have a Mayor?

The right of a District to become a Borough and to have a Mayor can only be granted by Royal Charter. The Authority must first demonstrate that they are able to operate a Mayoralty with the required level of protocol and dignity, and will not allow the Mayoralty to be used for political purposes.

What does the Mayor do?

The Mayor is the representative of the Crown in the Borough and as such is the First Citizen of the Borough. The Mayor is also the Chairman of the Council. They are the principal ambassador of the council and usually attend a full diary of social and promotional events at the invitation of the local citizens.

What is the difference between a Lord Mayor, a Mayor and a Chairman?

Depending on the existence and wording of a Royal Charter a local authority may have a Lord Mayor (there are 30 Lord Mayor’s all representing cities), a Mayor (found in Boroughs or newly founded Cities) or a Chairman (found in District authorities and County Councils)

How is a Mayor chosen?

Mayors take the role for one year by being elected by their fellow councillors at an Annual Council Meeting in May.  They must be an experienced Councillor and generally have given many years service to the Council. In some Authorities the various political parties take turns in selecting their nomination for the mayoralty, who is then elected by the full council, traditionally without opposition. In other Authorities the Councillors are nominated in order of seniority.