Protocol Quiz

So you think you know your civic protocol? Well just for fun, why not have a go at our quiz?

1. What is the correct way to address a group comprising more than one Lord Lieutenant?
2. The place in modern precedence for the High Sheriff to rank second after the Lord Lieutenant was established by Royal Warrant in:
3. A High Sheriff may be many things, but what may they not be;
4. Nominations for the office of High Sheriff are made through;
5. Invitations to a Royal Garden Party are sent out at the command of the Queen by;
6. Place these peers in order of precedenceFrom the most high ranking down!
7. When should a mace be carried in the reverse position
8. What is the most commonly accepted wording for giving the Loyal Toast?
9. What is the corrcect appellation for a Knight of the Garter
10. Which takes precedence?